How to Use RustSeeker™

Before you begin, ensure that your vessel is electrically isolated.
This includes disconnecting shore power and unhooking wharf chains.

1. Plug the black Rust Seeker ™ lead into the ‘common’ port on your multimeter. Plug the red test probe into the ‘volts’ port.

2. Remove the rubber cap from the end of the electrode. 

Note: The cap should be filled with water.

3. Set the multimeter to any range up to 20V DC.

4. Lower Rust Seeker™ into the water, as close to the hull as possible, but not touching.  
Note: To prevent loss during use, secure the cable to your wrist with the Velcro strap provided.

5. Place the test probe on a small section of exposed metal which is electrically continuous with the part of the vessel being tested.
You may need to scrape away a small section of paint to achieve this. 

6. Take a reading. 

Note 1: On first immersion, the reading may fluctuate until it normalises. This should take no more than two minutes.

Note 2: For ongoing testing, you can weld small stainless steel studs or plates in easily accessible locations. Make sure they remain unpainted.

7. Record the readings from around your vessel in the results table of the booklet provided. 
Check your results against the assessment table. If your vessel is under-protected or over-protected take action to prevent damage.

Note: If you take readings for comparison over time, ensure that you take the readings from the same locations each time.


After each use:

1. Wash Rust Seeker™ with clean fresh water. Never wash with detergents, as this may contaminate the porous tip. 

2. Fill the rubber cap with clean sea water or fresh water, then replace. This will ensure that Rust Seeker™ is ready for use the next time you need it. If the cap is not filled with water, the electrode will still work, but it will need to be submerged in a cup or bucket of seawater or freshwater for at least two hours prior to next use.

Important notes:

1. Keep the porous tip of Rust Seeker™ clean. If contaminants enter the electrode, it will no longer produce accurate readings.
It is important to avoid using Rust Seeker™ in oily or dirty water. 

2. Store Rust Seeker™ in a dry location away from direct sunlight. This will substantially prolong its working life.

Note: Do not push the rubber cap on too far as it may be difficult to remove.


Rust Seeker™ comes with a 12 month warranty.